The Presidents Club is an organization created, organized, and implemented, by Presidents, for Presidents.

The Presidents Club is a one of a kind organization that affords Presidents of condominiums and HOA’s the opportunity to network with their peers and exchange valuable information in a social setting. This organization has a truly exclusive membership base as only Presidents currently serving their community and meeting certain criteria can be a member and attend our events and podcasts.

Each event and podcast is filled with information that will be useful for the Presidents and the Association they represent. Featured speakers and focus groups enable Presidents to concentrate on issues of interest in order to help them maintain and improve the Associations they serve.

The Presidents Club encourages members to work together to develop and implement solutions. Always evolving, we generally incorporate our members ideas and suggestions into our program. Thus every member, as part of our structure, helps us to make each event and podcast a new, exciting learning experience.

It is certainly surprising to learn of the similar situations each community shares with one another. Group interaction and interesting subject matter make each event special.

The Presidents Club is proud to be an organization that respectfully represents our local condominium and HOA communities. We boldly go where no other organization has gone before.

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to call 305-331-4848